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When I started building this site it was just going to be a
small personel website. Then I got into Genealogy
five years ago and the more I find about my ancestors,
the bigger this site gets. I am researching the
surnames Welch, Byford, Ward, Williams, Harris,
Bramblett/Bramlett/Bramlet, Lee, Delancey/Delancy,
Harwell, Salter, Dooley.
If you find some information that you believe
is wrong or if you have information to share about any
of these surnames, please email me.

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Salter Family~ Harwell Family~ Delancey Family
Harris Family~ Bramlett Family
Byford Family~ Welch Family

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Want to see what my cousin, Dan Dooley, has in his Treasure Chest?
Click on the banner and see for yourself how amazing his site is.
Another amazing site you just have to visit is Dan's sister's
website, Simplyangel. She really did a great job building her site.


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